Orthodox Cross 227826805Tale of Two Thieves


The short play Tale of Two Thieves was written by Tom Lusty and Steve Palmer to help people enter into the experience of the Easter story. It is inspired by the imagery in the Orthodox Cross which includes a diagonal line at the foot of the cross representing the footrest of Jesus. The angle of the foot rest shows the direction Christ faced when he died, towards the good thief. He would have put pressure on his left foot and released his right foot so he could turn to look at the good thief. This brought the foot rest up to its diagonal position so that the right side is higher than the left side. The play reflects on the meaning of the conversation between the men on the crosses and the significance of Jesus’ turning to the thief who asked ‘Remember me when you come into your Kingdom’. This play was used during the reflections at Four Seasons in Harehills Retreat in February. Download the play Tale of Two Thieves.