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Stories from the Forests of Leeds

A year of hearing, creating and learning about stories, led by author and theatre producer Daniel Ingram-Brown Woodcutters in Killingbeck, wolves on Woodhouse Moor and heroes emerging from their back-to-backs. Join us for a year of learning about, and creating, stories. Each month we will gather for a creative writing workshop, discussion seminar, book group or…
  • 14/10/2014

Wild City Retreats

What is a Wild City Retreat? …a Saturday morning break in the city: gaining insights from the cycle of the seasons… Over a year, which started back in October 2014, a group began exploring our relationship with the natural world, in creative, experiential ways. Various traditions have called the natural world the “second book of…
  • 14/10/2014

Just Bones?

  • 03/02/2014

Renewing the Earth

“Caring for God’s earth is a crucial part of our Christian commitment as we learn more of the dangers to the planet.” Bishop, John Packer writes in his introduction to a new environmental awareness course being developed by LCI in partnership with the Diocese of Ripon and Leeds. The course’s five sessions look at issues such as science…
  • 29/04/2013