Thursday 27th September, 2pm-4.30pm

Arek Hersh is a Holocaust survivor. He was born in Sieradz, Poland in 1928 and was taken to a camp in 1940. There were 2500 men in the camp at the start, and 11 were alive 18 months later. After this, he was sent to the ghetto in Lodz where he worked in a textile mill and helped repair the machinery. From here, Arek was sent to Auschwitz where he was chosen to be in a work party. He survived and was liberated on 8 May 1945.

Arek lost 81 members of his family in the Holocaust; and suffered from dreadful nightmares for 30 years. He says that he learnt so much early on that enabled him to survive. He is now a happy man.

The film is 90 minutes long. It tells his story and will have a powerful impact on viewers. Arek is happy to talk with us after we have watched the film. It will be a wonderful opportunity to learn from Arek, reflect on his story, and consider our own role in making society a safer place for all today, and tomorrow.

To book or for more information email or phone 0113 391 7928.